Hello everyone, my name is Amanda. This is a new blog that I’ve decided to start mainly because I have a knack for writing and sharing what I’m passionate about with others. As this blog progresses you will find posts in relation to fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle.  I hope that you enjoy my posts!




A Roundup of my Favourites from London Fashion Week 2018

Hi Loves, with fashion month in full swing we are now officially almost through the madness. And though I do show you some of the shows over on my Instagram stories, I would love to speak more in-depth about the topic. I will be showing as much as I can from as many shows as possible. A trend report will also follow this blog post shortly!

.  .  .

The week was kicked off bright and early by pro-feminist and sustainability advocate, Richard Malone. His new collection is absolutely stunning ranging from various bright colors to ruffles and ruched up fabric galore.



We jump to the second day of London Fashion Week to J.W. Anderson. His goal for this seasons collection as he expresses is: “Something a bit more bohemian. A celebration of fashion. Everything with fluidity to it, and patch-worked somehow.” This new collection definitely resonates with my personal style. It’s composed between something comfy and simple to wear that borders on haute couture.



The next show is a special one for former spice girl Vicotria Beckham as she celebrates the tenth anniversary of her clothing collection. Beckham pays tribute to a campaign she did with Marc Jacobs ten years prior to the creation of her brand by recreating the content with her logo. I think that the collection holds true to Victoria and everything she’s done thus far.



This collection from Edeline Lee showcased on the fourth day of London Fashion Week is nothing less than spectacular. I love the variance of a loose and form-fitting bodice that compliments every body type. I’m also really enjoying all of these fun colors and especially the ruffles. I seriously hope that ruffles don’t go out of style; at least for another year. Also, aren’t the shoes just to die for?




Lastly, we have Nabil Nayal who focusses this season’s collection on scripture and key illustrations from the Bible. I love the theme and how Nayal incorporated all of these details while still catering to the delicacy of the notion of scripture. Further tying the idea in with the fabric, various ruffles, and the makeup on the models. I am pleasantly surprised with this collection as it is not as gaudy and ornate as last seasons Versace.




Recap of Osheaga 2018 and what’s in my Bag: Festival Edition

Hey loves! today I will be reaping what went down at Osheaga 2018, what I wore, and all the details. I’ll also be showing you what I packed, as well as what you should be packing for these kinds of events in general.

. . .

I just want to start off by saying that I absolutely love music festivals. They’re so lively and the atmosphere is always surreal. This was the first year that I went alone. I’m going to be honest with you, it was a mixed experience. I’m someone who is a little anxious when it comes to approaching complete strangers. So if you’re ever planning to go to a music fest, make sure to bring a friend. Though what I do like about it, is that I was able to do whatever my heart desired, even if that meant waiting in a long line to get my hair styled by Batiste. Overall this year was a great year because I got to see the Arctic Monkeys perform (comment your favourite band(s) down below)!

In terms of my outfit, I actually let you guys decide for me. I wore a white cream coloured bralette with some lovely crochet detailing that gave the look a boho vibe. I paired that with a pair of striped high waisted shorts and some brown booties. I really loved how the outfit came together. I wasn’t dying of heat and my precious white sneakers weren’t getting muddy (oh, the amount of ruined shoes I saw that day). I paired the boho inspired outfit with a blue kimono that really made it feel like I was living the festival life. I added a belt purse to the mix just because I wanted to have something small and compact with me throughout the day.



I had a great time at Osheaga and that’s partially because I packed everything I needed for the day so that it ran smoothly. Here are some of my festival essentials when it comes to what you should be putting in your bag.

. . .

Sunscreen: One thing is for sure, its bound to be hot and sunny. Putting sunscreen on usually isn’t fun and it always smells funny. Though Supergoop, a revolutionary brand if you ask me has the best unseen sunscreen that you can apply before makeup and use for touch ups throughout the day. It’s perfect because you’re protecting your skin and you’re not worried about looking like a ghost.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 7.56.48 PM


Face Mist: A face mist isn’t completely necessary but it is something that’s nice to have. If its insanely hot out and you have room to fit this in your bag then by all means, go for it! A lot of face mists are marketed as either sprays to help makeup last longer or something to refresh your face with throughout the day. Though what’s best is to find a product that not only does both but also comes in a compact size. I’ve chosen to show you this one from Makeup Forever because it checks all the boxes off. You can’t go wrong with this!

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 3.45.46 PM


A lip balm and your go to lipstick: When you’re talking care of your skin, you don’t want to forget your lips. Chances are you’re wearing some kind of lipstick and it can not only be drying but also wear off throughout the day. That’s why bringing it along with you for touch ups is a good idea. Don’t waste space on a little mirror, use your phone camera instead. As for lip balm you want to make sure your lips are hydrated or else your lipstick won’t go on as well. This is one of my favourite hydrating lip balms and the colour that I wore when I went to Osheaga this year.




*A lot of others things like deodorant wipes are a good thing to pack if you have the room. Just make sure you’re happy, hydrated, smelling, and looking your best!



How to Maintain a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Hello loves, I am a big Insta fan. Not only do I use it for business but I love seeing all of the creativity that the app has to offer. I’ve always loved playing with colours and after a while, got the hang of creating an Instagram feed that was cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. In this blog post, I will let you in on my biggest tips to keeping a cohesive feed and how it can become something easy and less frustrating to manage!

. . .

Firstly, picking your theme’s colour is a necessary step. I originally loved a blue/ white theme but have changed to a warmer feed more recently. The colour selection is really up to you and what you think will fit your personality. Blue and yellow tones are two of the most used but lots of others like a purple based feed or something that is super colourful in general.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 2.06.44 PM
Instagram: @the.glamedit
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 1.49.50 PM
Instagram: @carolina.arts
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 2.28.06 PM
Instagram: @katiecung


Mood boards are not essential but it helps me get an idea of what style I want my photos to be and get the overall aesthetic. Mood boards are really easy to put together too! This is a major step if you want to improve your eye for photography and arranging colours and themes together. Below are some that I have put together over the years. You can put them together on your wall, on Pinterest, or WeHeartIt!

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 5.25.52 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 5.33.35 PM


Now that you’ve got all of your ideas, its time to make them a reality. Go explore your city and find places to take pictures! You don’t need to worry about not having a professional camera because the iPhone 8 does wonders. Even if you don’t have these quality pictures on social media (unless its your job) is not a big deal. The whole idea behind it, is that you’re showing your friends and followers what you like to do and who you are.

One thing to remember all the time is your theme colour and your style. This will help you when it comes to taking pictures in places. If your theme in blue and white, don’t stand in front of a bright yellow wall to snap a pic. Go to the water of a white and marble themed cafe. I also want to mention that if you’re going to doing a lot of editing with your pictures in Lightroom afterwards the colours around you won’t matter as much as they would if you are hardly editing because you can manipulate colours very easily (If you want a: How I edit my Instagram photos — Let me know).

. . .

The Last thing thing that is important to think about is your consistency. As time progresses you will be out of content, in a rut, or find it difficult to keep the colour scheme going, its okay to change themes! I transitioned from a blue feed to one that is more warm and the reason why I did that was because my style and personal brand was changing and didn’t want to lose touch with you guys in representing who I am over social media.

When you’re ready to post, it’s difficult knowing what looks good together before posting it. There’s a great app called UNUM that is not only free and helps you plan your Instagram feed out in advance. What I admittedly used to do before these apps existed was post a picture go onto my profile, quickly snap a screenshot, then delete the photo. Now that I have this app I don’t have to do that and have everything in one place.

I hope that you guys find this helpful! For those of you who don’t know me on Instagram come visit me: @the.glamedit

The Only Dress you Need this Summer

Hi loves, today I want to introduce a fantastic sustainable fashion brand that is based in Montreal.

The dress that I’m showing you today is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. As someone who has had to wear a skirt during my five years of high school, I have strayed away from skirts and dresses not only during those five years but even in the present. This dress however, is one piece that I have worn countless times throughout the summer season and I could not be happier.

The dress is the perfect length and is no joke, super comfortable. One of the main reasons why I stray away from dresses is because there’s always something about it that makes me feel a little out of place. This dress is light and airy and feels great on. The style of the sleeves adds that little touch of authenticity to the dress and brings right back the brand. A lot of Hatchi Designs collection features geometric cut outs or finishes in their pieces and I love that it all ties in together, yet stands alone as well. Lastly, the material is amazing; I can’t get enough of it. The best part? Its recycled polyester!

If you’re looking for a dress that’s perfect for work, going out, or something casual this is the dress for you. It’s such a versatile piece that is great for any wardrobe.

If you’re looking to discover Hatchi Designs and are in Montreal, the Festival Mode et Design will be featuring the label on the runway in the Place Des Festivals towards the end of August. Or shop Hatchi Designs here!


The Foolproof Guide to your Best Dressed Summer: Part Two

Hello loves, I’m back to introduce you to more brands and pieces that I love. This time, the selection will be more clothing based with an additional focus on men’s fashion!


Two Pieces, Dresses, and Jumpsuit Goodness





No one can resist either of these three. Dresses, Jumpsuits, and two pieces are the holy grail of summer outfits. The reason? All you have to do is slide into it and voila, you’ve got an outfit that looks put together and it took no time at all to figure out. These are some that I’m loving right now!

Vici Collection

LP Garçonne 




Flowy European Travel Vibes





This board of my favourite picks, I would have to say, is definitely my style. I love this kind of look so much! I recently posted another blog post that has a similar title to this category and these products will definitely match with those (if you want that extra inspiration). These pieces are effortless and I’m totally imagining myself in these outfits somewhere in Italy right now.


Magali Pascal

Balzac Paris

Sabo Skirt


Best Dressed Man





I don’t usually speak about men’s fashion as its not my main focus. Though a lot of people requested this and therefore, I’m delivering! These are some of my picks from men’s stores online. A lot of this can be considered unisex too if you like boxy tee shirts ladies. I have the staple stores in here and a few that you may not have heard of or thought to shop at.

Frank and Oak 



Urban Outfitters

Alpha Industries






I love shoes! A lot of people like to solely focus on clothing when it comes to outfits, though shoes are just as important. I’ve picked four of my favourite places to shop for shoes. These babies are perfect for summer because they’re pretty neutral and go with a lot. Most of all, they aren’t shoes with five inch heels. You can walk in these and still be comfy!


Mim Shoes


Just Fab




Feel comfy and look great in intimates from these places. I have to say that I absolutely love La Vie en Rose. These places range in price so if you’re looking to splurge on a set, La Perla is the place for you.


La Perla

La Vie En Rose

Chantelle Paris


How to Style: European Vacation Vibes

Hi loves, today I want to get back to the root of this blog and show you an outfit that I’m loving this summer. It seems to be hotter than usual here in Montreal so I’m having to wear lighter clothes this season, even though we all know that I love my sweaters.

This outfit is really simple and that’s why I love it so much. This mustard yellow blouse with a drawstring in the middle gives the look structure as it scrunches up in the middle allowing for depth as well. I love the simple white polka dot pattern that adorns the top to give it a vintage feel. Mustard yellow is definitely a summer staple and you can easily grab this beautiful piece up at H&M.


Here are some pieces that are similar to the one on the far right side. Zara holds a similarly styled blouse. Net-A-Porter holds beautiful accent pieces that you can style with this Mustard yellow blouse from H&M. Though this dress from Faithful the Brand acts as a dazzling summer centrepiece. In showcasing these beautifully coloured pieces that are on trend, I feel that they can be easily incorporated into anyone’s style. They give me Parisian vibes and I absolutely love it.

More so, the lace shorts that I am wearing are delicate and flowy to keep me cool during the sweltering summer. I love these because they are easy to pair with any top. They fit loosely and they could not be more comfortable than they already are. These beauties are from Audrey 3+1. They are sold at boutiques like Editorial for my Montrealers. Though pieces from this brand are also sold at 8th and Main. Lace shorts are always delicate pieces that you can dress up or down, but nonetheless give the fit a little extra oomph.


All of these have the ability to give your outfit that wow factor and that is one of main reasons why I love lace shorts. My favourite out of these three are the Miguelina shorts from Net-A-Porter. the have the European vacation vibes and I’m all for it. The pink lace shorts offer something more put together and is perfect for summer events. The white Castaway Island shorts from Mura Boutique are something that I would wear from day to day. They are a simple pair but are beautiful in their right.

We can’t forget about Shoes! These are some simple white sandals from Nine West. A staple and simple sandal is what is going to be easy to slip on and use often throughout the summer season. Here are some of my favourites:


These are all of my look alike selections that can help you style your own outfits and to give you some inspiration! I hope you’ve enjoyed this. The look book for this outfits is down below.

Until next time!











The Foolproof Guide to your Best Dressed Summer: Part One

Hi loves, today I will be showing you some of my favourite stores to shop at and pieces from these stores for the summer. As summer is already almost half over, stores are getting ready to display their upcoming fall collections: Which means SALES.









I absolutely love athleisure because its something that you can always feel comfortable wearing but still look bomb in. These are my top picks from three stores. Bandier and Carbon 38 are both online stores that carry many different brands of athleisure and Atelier New Regime will always hold a special place in my heart because its a Montreal based brand who designs the best clothing.

Carbon 38


Atelier New Regime


The Ethically Obsessed






Feeling good in an outfit doesn’t just mean that its killer. It can also mean that your clothing in ethically made. ethical clothing is becoming a trend, though I try to incorporate more pieces into my closet, little by little, for the sheer goodness it can provide to our earth and the creatures that live on it. These are a few ethically based stores that I love. I own clothing from all of these stores except for “Chnge”. I came across this online street style apparel when reading a lovely article on



Frank and Oak

Hatchi Designs



For the Thrifter





For my Montrealers who love thrifting these two places are for you. Ruse Boutique and So Vintage have incredible selections of high end fashion just waiting to be found. Check them out on Instagram or visit their locations!

Ruse Boutique

So Vintage







Accessories put any outfit together, they just have that special ability to complete a look. These are some of my favourite brands!

I even have a discount code for everyone to shop at JW PEI! Just use the link down bellow and happy shopping.


Zero UV

Cult Gaia





Let’s Hit the Beach




It’s time to soak up the sun in a stylish suit of your choice. Whether you’re looking for something chill or a little extra there’s always something on the market. These are some of my favourites: The colours, patterns, and designs are just to die for!

I have another code for you when you shop at Bright Swimwear! Shop with the discount code below to save!



Tea You

Selfish Swimwear



Beach Riot


(Part two of this series will be posted shortly!)